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Where did the Korean dish kimchi Jaeyook Bokkeum originate?


Jeyuk Bokkeum (Spicy Pork BBQ)

Jeyuk Bokkeum (Spicy Pork BBQ)

Where did the Korean dish kimchi jaeyook bokkeum originate?

Unlike beef, which is often marinated in a soy sauce-based sauce, pig is typically marinated in a fiery chili pepper paste (gochujang, )-based sauce with plenty of fresh garlic and ginger.

There is absolutely no alternative for gochujang in a traditional Korean recipe.

Jayook bokum, also known as jaeyook kimchi bokum, is a wonderful Korean meal made of marinated pork loin stir-fried with kimchi and gochujang, a red chili pepper sauce.

When producing jaeyook bokum, the main base sauce that defines the flavor and amount of spiciness is gochujang.

Spiciness can be tempered to taste by adding more soy sauce and less gochujang and red chili powder to the sauce mix.

While any cut of pork can be used for this recipe, hog shoulder or loin with some fat works best.

To enhance the pork taste, I occasionally add chopped pig belly.

Pre-sliced pork is commonly found in Korean stores. If you're cutting the meat at home, freeze it for approximately an hour before slicing.

The marinated pork can be pan-fried or grilled over an open fire.

Serve with red or green leaf lettuce to wrap the meat in, as well as ssamjang() or just gochujang.

If available, perilla leaves (kkaennip, ) and crown daisy (ssukgat, ) are fantastic veggies to add to your wraps.


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