How to Make Mugeun (Old) Kimchi – 묵은김치 

 October 23, 2020

By  Kimchi Network

Do you still have leftover kimchi from last month? Is there a jar of leftover kimchi sitting around the corner of your refrigerator?  Here is a super easy recipe to put the rest of the kimchi to use.

Kimchi Jjigae is the go-to meal when you have leftover kimchi in your refrigerator.  This is a comfort dish that is often served in restaurants but making it at home is much better than what you get from eating out.  You can add many different ingredients but the basic recipe is given more time to simmer.  The stew gets thicker and tastier the longer you let it simmer and cook for an hour.

This stew made out of old kimchi is great for cold winter days.  Just keep in mind when you are planning to make kimchi Jjigae - super hot and spicy.

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