The Real Untold Stories and True Facts about Mr. Queen from the History Book. 

 February 22, 2021

By  Kimchi Network

What are the real untold stories and true facts behind the Mr. Queen from the history book?

Mr. Queen (철인왕후) is a 2020 South Korean Drama series aired on TVN.  The story is based on 25th queen and making of the Joseon Dynasty but the script was based on the original Chinese web drama, the story is about a man named Bong-Hwan from the 2020 modern South Korea, being trapped in the body of Queen in the Joseon era due to the accident happened on 2020 modern time.

As Iron Queen

Jang Bong-Hwan

Jang Bong-Hwan as Chef before trapped inside of Queen.

Jang Bong-Hwan is the youngest chef who works for the Korean Presidential palace but he finds himself in the body of Queen Cheorin in the Joseon period when he fall from his apartment and landed on the swimming pool and met sprit of Queen who suicided on the pond of the Joseon Palace.

Mr queen

Mr queen Korean Drama

Shine Hye-Sun as Queen Kim So-Young is the 25th queen of the Joseon Dynasty who has the soul of a man in her body.

Very Controversial and Not based on Real Historical Facts

Unlike the contents of the drama, the real story behind the Queen  KIM SO-YONG (Shin Hye-sun) is almost opposites from the actual historical facts.

According to the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty, she was the daughter of Kim Moon-Geun ( Andong-Kim Clan who controlled the Joseon Dynasty).

Andong-Kim Clan Sign

It is said that she was born on March 23rd. in 1837.

Based on the historical records, she has been a great follower of Confucian philosophy and ethics which Buddhist and Taoist ethics.  She was often represented as filial piety, the virtue of respect for one’s parents, elders, and ancestors.

According to the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty, She respected elders’ world view and carefully considered her parents’ way of thinking since she was young age and did not pursue wealth and power.

When she became the Queen of the Joseon Dynasty, she embraced the servants and loyal assistants in the palace.   The Drama portrayed her as a harsh master of the kingdom before Jang Bong-Hwan’s soul entered her body, but it was very opposite from the truth.

Based on the other scriptures, she has often started a conversation with servants and given them assistance when they are having difficulty in the situation.

Also throughout the her life as queen, she represented her as very diligent and very engaged on daily life of the palace.

As she growing up, she became less talkative, did not express her emotions well.

In June 6, 1849, when King Heon-Jong, the 24th king of Joseon, died without a successor.

King Heonjong

King Heonjong Died without successor

The royal family’s decision maker, Queen Soon Won Kim, sent 500 loyal representatives and 600 loyal guards to Ganghwa Island to escort the new king “Cheol-Jong”.

His family was executed and exiled to Ganghwa Island based on charges of rebellion to the king in the past.

Ganghwa Island

Current Location of Ganghwa Island from Capital City

After the whole family was executed and being exiled to Ganghwa Island, he became the next king of the Joseon Dynasty.

King Cheoljong

Real picture of King Cheoljong from K-Drama Mr. Queen

Kim Jung-hyun as Lee Won-beom,

Kim Jung-hyun as Lee Won-beom,

However, it is said that King Cheol-Jong was still unmarried even though he passed the typical age for the marriage.

The royal family, immediately spurred his preparations for the marriage, and in 1850, he was married to the daughter of Kim Moon-hood, who was Kim So-Young in the Korean Drama Mr. Queen

Kim So-Young was fifteen-year-old when she became the Iron Queen.

The Reason Kim So-Young  Became the Queen of the  Joseon Dynasty.

Queen Soon Won

Queen Soon Won

Queen Soon Won

Queen Soon Won

At the time of 24th king’s death, Queen Soon Won was the most powerful figure in the Joseon Kingdom.   She came from the Andong-Kim clan and wanted the new king to marry the person from the Andong-Kim clan to ensure the political power structure of the Joseon Dynasty.

Able to ensure the cycle of absolute influence at the time, newly queen Kim So-Young was carefully selected from the Andong-Kim clan to beget the next generation of the loyal family.

The drama Mr. Queen portrayed Kim So-Young as very confrontational and extrovert in her personality.  She has 2 Grand queens above her but in actuarily, she has 3 grand queens due to the short life spend of the kings.

She conducted her duty as queen of Joseon Dynasty flawlessly and did not stir any conflicts among the inner circle of the palace.     

According to Annals of the Joseon Dynasty,  she was beloved by all of her Grand Queens and highly praised on her neutrality of political situation of era,   

She lived a very quiet life and had many admiration by others.

Tragic Events of Iron Queen

On October 17 of 1858, she finally gave birth to her first son.

But only 7 months later, she had to go through a grief because her son died on April 23 of 1859.

Also in 1863, her husband, King Cheol-Jong, died too.

King Cheol-Jong died at the age of 32 on 16 January 1864 AD, by suspected foul play by the Andong-Kim clan, the same clan which made him king, without any surviving male heirs.  Once again, it became necessary to search far back in the Yi lineage to find a candidate for the throne.

According the many investigative documents,  King Cheol-Jung was poisoned by the Andong-Kim clan and official ended blood line of Joseon Dynasty. 

mr. queen

Officially End of Bloodline of Joseon Dynasty

Because of the tragedy of the loss of her son and husband, the health of the Queen deteriorated immensity and could not be recovered from it ever since. 

After the 26th generation, King Go-Jong took over after Cheol-Jong’s king position and she finally became a grand queen of the Joseon Dynasty.

Since then, she continued to live a quiet life with no other presence, but in 1878 May 12, she died at an early age of 42.

According to the Annals, she was a queen who didn’t wear silk, it was said that this has not happened to the queens of the past.

Also, among the people, she took good care of the older servants in the palace with sincerity, and she loved the young servants as mentors and teachers of them.  She often gave them a gift and treated them consistently with respect and humility.

Because of this, it was said that there was no one who was not wrapped up in her virtues.

The Queen of Iron Man has a caring personality with a simple lifestyle.

After the new king was appointed by the Andong-Kim clan, whose name was King Sedo,  she lived a fairly exemplary life as a queen.

mr. queen

mr. queen

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