For the next full-length album ‘All You’ ASTRO puts out the first concept image 

 March 18, 2021

By  Kimchi Network

As the second full-length album, 'All Yours,' ASTRO formally begins its promotions.



On March 17 KST, they debuted their comeback teaser schedule. ASTRO released their first community concept picture in accordance with that schedule.

Much of the people wear black and have a deep red heritage charismatique. When looking at the camera, each member exudes their own charm.

ASTRO's second album, 'All Yours,' will be released on April 5 KST, so stay tuned for more teaser material.

ASTRO returns to the music scene with their full-length album All Light, after a year-and-a-half hiatus. Despite their long absence, the boy band captivated audiences with the title track "All Light," which appealed to many with a magical theme that further emphasizes the six members' individual charms.

The song features a gentle melody that weaves into the rhythmical beat, and ASTRO expresses one's sincere desire to listen to their lover's voice all night through a phone call; this description, in turn, explains the context behind the Korean title of the track "," which translates to "call me." A series of piano melodies interspersed with striking sound effects spill over to Moonbin as he begins, and Eunwoo picks up on it, adding a touch of serenity to the song's introduction. The melody progresses into the build-up of a catchy chorus as Sanha's portion continues.

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