How to Make Samgyeopsal (삼겹살구이) 

 October 27, 2020

By  Kimchi Network

My non-Korean friend often has an amazing review of the Korean BBQ restaurant they visited for dinner.  One thing they all agreed on is that Korean love to eat pork belly BBQ, also know as three-layered pork belly.

Samgyeopsal is the most popular meat consumed by Korean each year.   Average Korean eat about 46 pounds of pork belly annually.

Korean pork belly is very straight forward and you don’t need fancy kitchenware to cook it.  Unless your grill can cook both sides of the meat, it is more than enough to have an amazing gathering among your friend or family. 

Korean often eat the Samgyeopsal with fresh lettuce and a spicy dipping sauce.  Also, you can add garlic and other ingredients such as kimchi or mushroom to add extra flavor.

If you want to try the Korean pork belly, you can purchase from a Koran grocery store.  But if you don’t have access to the Korean grocery market, you can simply cut the regular pork belly in 0.2 inches to 0,4 inches as similar to hick bacon rashers.

First, you need to rub one piece of pork belly on the grill before you add the rest of the pork to the grill.  It will work as a lubricant and meat won’t stick to the plate.

Just like any other BBQ, you can add and grill pretty much anything you want with Pork Belly.

My typical choices are sliced green chilis, garlic, mushrooms, and aged kimchi for extra flavor.   Some of the Korean restaurants serve different vegetables such as bean sprouts, onion, potatoes, or tofu.  Use your imagination for extra flavor for your Korean BBQ party.

It is one of the requirements to serve Pork belly with Korean lettuce leaves.  Often Korean green onion salad is severing with pork belly bbq to gives a nice onion flavor.  It has perilla leaves, pickled white radish, green onion, and some other green you can find in the market.

Easy Home Bacon Style Samgyeopsal

Easy Restaurant Style Samgyeopsal

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